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Thanks for voting!

Voting is the only way our server gets noticed. Thank you for taking the time to vote, it is greatly appreciated. The more votes our server has on each toplist, the more overall people will see our site and check it out. In return for your awesomeness, you will receive some vote points to spend at the the Vote Shop by speaking to Obli in Edgeville. Enjoy!

Top Voters: #1 Zverys Ltu (32312), #2 Tekkit (29743), #3 Zygune (26119), #4 Team (22290), #5 Dal2pkmn (22135), #6 Mage God659 (19617), #7 Pvp My Live1 (16864), #8 Durial (15483), #9 For3verpker (14677), #10 Range Th1s (14573)
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