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Update by James on Thursday October 9, 2014 9:50 AM CEST
Hey everyone, here's a few bug fixes and updates for you today. Mainly involving Magic, the Donator zone, and the KBD.

-Food glitch is fixed!
-Granite maul now has a .6 second higher delay before you can use the special attack.
-Fixed a bug when casting magic while holding a bow, if you were on Rapid, you would cast magic faster.
-Magic attack and defence now take God Reputation into account when calculated.
-Magic defence increased majorly depending on your magic defence attribute, also Magic defence now more heavily relies on your Magic level.
-Fixed a few bugs similar to the attack and strength weapon bug that was fixed earlier on, this time dealing with ranged bonus.
-Fixed some bugs with the Runescape Guide dialog. He would ask to reset your defence if you are an Instant PK account, which didn't make sense.
-The TokHaar-Kal and Completionist capes will now protect arrows, like the Ava's accumulator.
-Primal weapons buffed by +15 Strength bonus each. These are meant to be the most powerful weapons in the game, and due to their rarity, they deserve this much strength.
-You will now only lose PK Points from teleporting while in combat with another player, 5% of your total PK Points, maximum of 50.
-Bolt racks are now purchased 10 at a time for 1 PK Point.
-KBD drop rates increased.
-Dragon full helm now has 12 strength bonus. Dropped by KBD only, with a very rare chance to drop.
-You can no longer drop items worth over 5k while in combat with a player.
-Boss Portal added to Donator zone for Elite Donators. Free teleports to: Giant mole, Dagannoth kings, Chaos elemental.
-Evil Chicken's lair added to Donator zone, with black dragons and a King black dragon spawn. Drop rates lower since it is not the wilderness.
-Chaos elemental spawns in Donator zone, where Cosmic altar normally is. Drop rates are lower since it is not the wilderness.
-Otherworldly beings added to Donator zone, drops coins and Shiny keys only.

If you want to discuss this update, click here.

Update by James on Monday September 29, 2014 9:45 AM CEST

Loot Share Update

Loot share is supposed to be about "sharing" right? Well, finally it is! Before, our loot share system was non-existing. The loot share button was only there to display loot to the clan, it may not have even been required to be on to do so.

With the new changes to the Loot Share system, sharing loot with your clan mates has never been easier. All drops are now split equally between clan members that are nearby, expensive drops being displayed in the clan chat. However, the player most damage will receive most of the loot, as usual.

If there are any issues with the new loot share system, please point them out in the thread linked at the bottom of this post. Thank you!

More Drop Changes

A load of changes have been made to most monster drops, mainly to the Chaos elemental. I will name the main ones, but not all of them (yet). I made a new change which allowed me to check drop rates much easier, in order to put them in a much more "logical" state. Basically, I can now make all the drops make sense. The reason for some of these changes is because I realized how actually terrible the drops were.
-Chaos Elemental Drop rate increased by 250%
-Dagannoth Mother Drop rate increased by 200%
-Many item drop prices have been adjusted, mostly increased, so you can earn more profit by selling them to the general store
-New item drops for many monsters

Chaos Elemental

The impossible, is now possible. The Chaos Elemental now has 2 different attacks. Magic, being red, and ranged, green. It is possible to switch between prayers to take much less damage, and is recommended if you want to attempt more than 1 kill per trip. He also deals a little less damage, and has a little less health.

Discuss the update here.


Update by James on Tuesday September 23, 2014 12:02 AM CEST
Hello everyone, here is a small update that I've been working on since the last one. The next update which will come later in the week will involve more monster drop improvements, and a new Slayer Dungeon which will bring some PvP in the mix.

Here are the changes:

-Papyrus is now for sale in the Donator Point shop and the Vote Point shop! 1 Ticket for 50 Papyrus or 50 Vote Points for 25. Papyrus can be used on any noteable item, to turn the item into a note. This can be useful when killing creatures that have a lot of drops, so you can bank less often. These are meant to be semi-cheap so you can take them with you into the wilderness. Papyrus is and will remain tradeable. If any bugs are found with the Papyrus, please submit the bug on the forums or to a Moderator immediately.

-You are now required to be eligible to fight your target, to receive the person as a target. This means, Instant PK accounts can get anyone as a target, trained accounts will only receive a trained account as a target if they are within 5 levels of each other. The main reason for this change is to put pures in a more playable state, since it will be easier to find a target as a pure and you will not receive a main as a target if you are a trained account and cannot change your levels.

-You can no longer receive a target while in Varrock (change was not mentioned last update)

-The chance to receive a Potential Drop when fighting a target has been doubled.

-Hotspots in the wilderness will now give you Potential for each minute you stand in one. 10% for low, 20% for medium, and 30% for major hotspots. Hotspots are Edgeville (low), Hill giants (medium) and East dragons (major). Hill giants and East dragon teleports can be accessed under the ::pk menu.

-Wilderness chest now requires 250,000 coins to open, giving 7.5k-20k per thieve depending on the number of players on. Level 1 Thieving is the only requirement.

-Magic Chest (15 Tickets) can now give you any item from the shop, excluding papyrus, fire cape, and tok-haar kal. This also includes Party hats, H'ween masks, Santa hats, Divine spirit shields, and Magic keys. However, the rares (Hats, Masks, Divine) are twice as rare as the other items. This means, you have about a 1/8 chance to get a rare, or so. This will automatically update when the shop changes, meaning the different color party hats received from the chest will change weekly until they are removed.

Small updates:
-Pandemonium Zombie mini-game removed until there is time to solve the issue with it.
-Expanded Edgeville safe spot to allow spawning food anywhere in Edgeville (finally).
-Slight changes to the PK Point and Target Point shops, to make prices more balanced.
-Slight price changes to certain items to keep the economy balanced.
-Crafting XP rate reduced by 30% (it was really fast).
-::pricecheck command fixed and enhanced.
-The 5% PK Points you lose from teleporting has now been capped at 50 total.
-Black dragons max hit reduced to 15, from 30. All dragonfire resistance is now based on anti-fire potion, magic prayer, and all anti-dragonfire shields. Each will add more of a damage reduction, up to 100%.
-Shops that deplete now restock slowly, the Onyx in the crafting store will restock once per minute (You can't see when it restocks since it doesn't show a 0 when there are none in stock)
-Wilderness Slayer Dungeon in the works!

You can discuss this update on the forums here.

Hope you all enjoy, and have a great week.

Update by James on Saturday September 20, 2014 6:12 AM CEST

Economy Reset

The economy has been reset, players have received back a majority of their spendable points, now including some changes:
- All target points are returned.
- Maximum of 15,000 PK Points returned for all players.
- 20% of your Vote Points, up to a maximum of 1000 Vote Points are returned.
- All trained stats will remain the same, including God Reputation

Why the reset? There was a dupe which would give the player max cash. The solution that sounds easy would be to remove all the coins from the economy, however there are many expensive items bought for coins, unfortunately it is too late to fix the damage.
I apologize that this reset has to happen, but hopefully the new changes will help the server have a better economy in the long-run.

Economy Changes

A few changes have been made to the general economy, putting the main focus into adding more exciting rewards for slaying monsters and bosses.
-Shops only buy items worth 50M or less, changed from 100M (prices not effected, due to next part)
-Shops buy items at 40% of the regular price to reduce cash inflation, some prices have been adjusted and others will be if necessary
-Loot table changes to King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, Zombie Champion, Dagannoth Mother, Dagannoth kings, Giant Mole, Ice Trolls, Fire Giants, Red Dragons. Changes may be slight or even unnoticeable, rates on rare drops were not changed, only additional drops have been added. More to come soon.
-Items removed from shops: Adamant pickaxe, rune pickaxe, dragon 2h, Helm of Neitiznot, possibly more.
-Rate of dragon halberd and Berserker/Warrior/Seer/Archer rings drastically reduced
-Re-balanced Gem crafting in Al-kharid, for making profit when crafting.
-Chaos Elemental can rarely drop a Dragon 2h, this item may be worth something in the near future.

Other notes..
- Pandemonium Zombie mini-game has been fixed.
- Remember that we have added a new rule, you are no longer allowed to donate for another player in exchange for items. Abusing this rule will end in punishment. This is causing too much trouble for us to deal with, due to all the scamming.

Discuss the update here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Update by James on Wednesday August 27, 2014 6:19 PM CEST
Hello everyone,

Quick update about the recent PayPal addition. You will now receive the correct amount of Bonus Points for donating for the different packages. For those who did not receive their bonus points, they have now been added manually. You can receive them by logging in and typing ::redeem.

Also, I have added a separate Bonus Points system to ZayPay donating, from now on you will receive 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bonus tickets depending on the package you select on ZayPay.

More to come soon.

Have a great week!

Update by James on Saturday August 16, 2014 10:14 PM CEST
Hello everyone,

I have introduced a new payment method for Donating to ForeverPkers, which is PayPal. If you wish to donate with PayPal, you can use this link:

The Membership packages are not quite set up yet (The few extra tickets you receive) but they will be very soon.

How long should it take after donating to receive my points?
They should appear instantly after the payment has gone through.

I have also worked on a new voting system which I will be implementing soon, it will have a different setup and a few different reward types.


Update by James on Monday August 11, 2014 7:32 PM CEST

Server Online

Just a reminder that the server is back online. Sorry that took so long, it was out of my control.

Be sure to check out the new source that may replace the current ForeverPkers, if you haven't. We need all the feedback we can get to get this server back to being as good as the original is. Check out the update below for download links.

Have a great day.

Update by James on Sunday August 10, 2014 4:22 AM CEST

Server offline

The server has went down due to the payment being late (I didn't realize it was due) I apologize for the inconvenience. The server will be up as soon as the host checks my payment and puts it back online.

I do have some good news, I have got the "new source" up and running for testing. I know it is a little laggy for people in the US right now, but I will be upgrading the upload speed which should hopefully fix the lag.

Note: The exp rate is extremely high. This is for testing. All progress will be lost. Once the community has decided whether they want this source to be the new source or not, we will be running only 1 server. Until then, both servers will remain online and playable. For now, I need help finding bugs with the new source so I can fix them before release.

Reasons you should vote for the new server:
-10x more stability (no crashes, meaning no downtime)
-Can hold 10x more players (up to 1,000 rather than only 100)
-10x more content (newer RuneScape content: More items, Summoning skill, Curses)
-New client (Fullscreen, music, quickprayers, etc.)
-Larger player-base (More people prefer this era of RuneScape, I know 317 is awesome, but it's time to move on)
-No food glitch (No more "I ate!!")

Other notes:
-Donator Rank is not yet added for Donators
-Donator Shop is not yet added
-Vote points are given back, but only 1% of them. This is because we will be using a new system where you can only get 1 Vote Point per day from voting.
-Kills/Deaths/PK Points are returned, but adjusted to the rates of the new source (You earn less PKP)
-Not all shops are final (they are always subject to change, feel free to suggest on the forums)
-Your password is the password you have on ForeverPkers after you used ::changepassword. If you did NOT use ::changepassword, you will have an old password. Once the original server is back online, I will make the ::changepassword command also change your password to the new server.
-I may be missing a few things that I can't remember at the moment

Hope to see some of you here! Download links are below.

.jar Client: here
Normal Client: here
Webclient: here

Have a great weekend.

Update by James on Tuesday July 29, 2014 9:00 AM CEST
Hello everyone, I have added a rather small update to fix a few things, however I realize a few things are not working right now, such as Dragonfire shield special attack, but I will be fixing them soon.

New Bosses: Dagannoth Kings
Solo Difficulty: Very hard
Team of 3 Difficulty: Difficulty: Medium

Access these by opening the boss menu

They can only be damaged by certain attacks, bring melee, range and mage if you want to kill all 3. You can lure Dagannoth rex to one side to fight away from the others if you wish.

Drops: Fremennik helm, Fremennik shield, Fremennik blade, Heroic boots, Heroic amulet, dragon defender, amulet of ranging, other misc. items.

Boss loot changes:
Dagannoth mother now drops Hand cannon at a little lower rate than Spirit shields
All Wilderness bosses including KBD now drop Purple keys at a decent rate. Reminder: these can be used in Falador.

Dagannoth Mother now does less damage and might attack with melee
Fixed bank in wilderness
Fixed buy food in wilderness
Removed 1st week bonus drop rate

I will be looking for suggestions for more drops for the bosses, let me know if you have ideas.

Have a nice week!

Update by James on Saturday July 5, 2014 4:06 AM CEST
Hello everyone, a few updates for you today.


-Black Knight Titan

The Black Knight Titan is a new low-level boss that has been added under the ::boss menu. Find the Titan by running through the dungeon without entering the Obstacle Pipe. The main purpose of this boss is to help new players get started making money if they are into bossing. It is good for new players for a few reasons. Drop rates are quite high, it's not very strong, and most importantly, it's not in a wilderness area.

Drops: Dragon claws (very rare), Bandos chestplate (rare), Bandos tassets (rare), Saradomin sword (rare), Dark bow, Dragon arrows

-Chaos Elemental

This boss has been tweaked slightly to make it easier to kill, including lowering the hitpoints, defense, and accuracy. Along with this, the drop rates have been slightly improved, including the Korasi drop rate being increased by 25%.

-King Black Dragon

This boss should be a bit harder to fight now, considering it can now hit you while you are fighting it from a distance. Because of this, all of its drop rates have been increased by about 20%.

-Giant Mole

The mole now only has 2 spawn points, East of Mage bank and North of Falador. Due to this, the rate it is now spawned has been increased from 15 minutes, to 30 minutes. Drop rates remain the same: awesome.

-Zombie Champion

Zombie Champion has been buffed a bit to keep it as the toughest boss in the game. However, it will be changed once again pretty soon to make it less difficult. However, its drop rates have been increased slightly.


After voting, you can relog into your account to receive an additional vote reward if you earned at least 30 Vote points. This reward currently ranges from Whips to Dragon claws. It is still subject to change, I just wanted to start it out by only giving some decent items, in case somehow the rewards given are too high.

Donator Shop

Some prices in the Donator Shop have been adjusted to make more sense. For example, Dragon claws are now 5 tickets instead of 20. Vesta's longsword has been re-added into the shop.

Bug Fixes

Using potions on noted potions will no longer grant you a potion of that type.

I am aware of a few more bugs that are in the server currently, and will be fixing them soon.

If you have any comments or suggestions about these updates, please post them here.

Thanks, have a great weekend.

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